We design, create and distribute exclusive and extraordinary urban bicycles.

What we do


Our creations are born somewhere between burly brainstorming and skilful sketching. Due to our trademark techniques, wood-imitation or metalcoating, our bikes are fresh and offer something never before seen in the world of bicycles.


Next to handmade design frames aesthetically pleasing bicycle parts are at the core of each bike we assemble. These parts, vintage or new, can be hard to come by, but are essential for creating a bike the way we imagined. So hunting season is opened!


Vélowland is a small-town-three-man-company aiming for global fame. To make our boundless ambition come true we look for connections cycling-related-cross-pollination with other specialists, shops, artists, bicycle lovers and other unspecified creative minds.


Even though Vélowland is already partnered with Viks, Krupisvello BeastyBike , we continue searching for enhusiastic bicycle-brands with artistic aspirations. Together with these bike-minded we try to build and distribute even more eye-catching projects.

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L'Hirondele Bike Shop, Zuideinde 3, 7941GA, Meppel, Netherlands

Viks GT

This "sharp" Viks bike is made of aluminium, light, fast like nothing you've ever seen before.

Viks Classic (carbon)

An all-Estonian masterpiece cafe-racer-inspired that’s all about sexy curves and an unrestrained, almost sexual aggressiveness.

Custom made

We are creative and determined to build extraordinary bicycles. Whenever you have special demands or wishes concerning a new, vintage or existing design, please contact us on info@velowland.com. We are eager to help you out!


The Latvian Krupisvello design stands against the standard urban fixed bicycling subculture clichés on how a bike should look like. The creator added some historic 30ies streamlining in the shape of the frame.


We know our way in the vintage bicycle parts, we can get our hands on a lot of parts that are very rare an collectible.


All is not what it appears. Vélowland specialises in paint finishes that imitate wood. The London Oak is a carbon track bike painted by hand.

ROD Cycles

This never seen Paraguayan frame from Asuncion is made by 23 years old Denis Rodriguez, we help him to achieve his dream getting his design on the streets were they belong.
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