We are team of three young creative enthusiasts, trying to create beautiful bicycles.

In between drinks, at the local football club’s canteen, ideas and people came together. An amazing brainstorm blew everyone’s mind and something great emerged. In this pressure cooker of ideas, skills and beers Frank put his artful skill of making just about anything look like it was made of wood. Sjoerd put in his dream of assembling one of kind fixies. Oscar delivered the finishing touch; a pinch of design and rationality. As the pressure was building up it was not long until the first WOODaLIKE bike roamed the Streets, with many more exceptional projects to follow.


  • Frank Everhardus
      Frank EverhardusARTIST
    • Oscar Linde
        Oscar LindeDESIGNER
      • Sjoerd Linde
          Sjoerd LindeCEO

        About us

        Our two-wheeled design projects are ment to deliver the ultimate biking sensation; purity incarnate on wheels.  Fast, prominent and minimalistic bikes taking you to your work, appointments or clients in just a matter of time.

        The experience is key. Each bicycle has a design that is unique. Some bikes have a woodgrain or metalcoating on their frames and individual elements. These elements have been chosen specifically to match the bike, most will have very noteworthy backgrounds and will add depth to the bike. Each project’s process; origin, materials, will be documented. Vélowland aims to show you how everything is produced in an honest and authentic fashion. You’ll buy an honest, unique, exclusive and trendy bike which is meant to be seen!

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